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Thanks Andy, great teamwork, we were really pleased with the insight.
Amy Martin, Retail Eyes

New Product Development


Concept developmeny by Closing the loop


Q: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if your telephone didn’t have a cord and you could use it anywhere in the house?

A: “Don’t be daft!”

Product development often starts with an idea of an unsatisfied need. Sometimes the idea seems crazy because it ignores common sense and accepted wisdom. Brainstorming is a “tried and tested” way to develop ideas which are out of the box. The secret is in the way Andy runs the group, putting everyday rational thinking on hold just long enough to enable fresh ideas to breathe and flourish.

A major high street name, known for the quality of its food, was considering introducing a wine club. What were the triggers that would make people join? What were the pitfalls they should avoid?

We conducted focus groups and in-home interviews with users of competitive wine clubs, as well as their own customers. As usual, the in-home interviews produced nuggets of great insight, which we captured on video camera.

The findings laid the way for the retailer to enter the market successfully: not just a wine club, an M&S wine club!

Proposition development

This is the stage where competing ideas are tested against each other. Are they easy to understand? Are they seen as offering advantages? How highly are they valued – what would potential customers pay for them?

Product trials

This is where we explore whether the promise lives up to expectations. We will use a quantitative scoring system but just as important we get the customers thoughts and feeling in their own words.

What are the features which are used most regularly? What are the needs, and what are the nice to haves?


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