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Thanks Andy, great teamwork, we were really pleased with the insight.
Amy Martin, Retail Eyes

There are winners in every recession


As usual, 2008 provided challenges in new and diverse areas, from work for Ramblers, the walking holidays company, through to helping understand the market for recovering used marine oil.

On the automotive front, Andy has moderated groups/clinics for manufacturers including Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan and Renault. One of these projects included a brainstorming session, in which Andy used elements of the Parnes-Osbourne CPS process.

On the technology front there have been teledepths for O2 as well as moderating a range of projects (Monitors /Fridges/ Mobiles) for agency MV3 on behalf of their client LG.

However uncertain the outlook for 2009, just remember that there are winners in every recession!

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Published on Mon 27 Oct, 2008