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Thanks Andy, great teamwork, we were really pleased with the insight.
Amy Martin, Retail Eyes

Inspiring New Product Development


Last week I opened someone’s fridge and received a small revelation. Purple top milk. Not white or red or green. Purple. (It’s like green top only with less fat….).

At last! It seems that milk has been unchanged for a decade, and finally a dairy has had the nouse (and the courage) to do some good segmentation.

I’d like to think that Purple top milk can be the inspiration for others too. We need to start innovating again, not retreat to a bunker marked “recesssion mentality, avoid all progress”. Earlier I said that Purple top is a variant of green top. That’s certainly how they position it. But I suspect that in reality it originated as a version of red top which tastes better. That’s where research can help establish the all important consumer proposition: where does the new product concept add most value?

Come on marketers, the time to make progress is when others are asleep…let’s make it happen, from inspiration to perspiration, from idea to reality, from concept to revenue stream….let’s close that loop!

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Published on Tue 24 Jan, 2012