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Thanks Andy, great teamwork, we were really pleased with the insight.
Amy Martin, Retail Eyes



Here are links to some of our favourite people. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

Online and mobile research:

Fellow ICG member Alan Hargreaves runs London based agency Effective Research, which specialises in online and other innovative methodologies

Email: alan.hargreaves@effective-research.com

For a less glitzy but fantastic value for money option, ICG member Rory A McGall will conduct online surveys and analysis.

Email: rory@ramdatasolutions.co.uk

Automotive consultancy

Stuart McCullough is a top automotive consultant. Former MD of Lexus (think Customer Service, think JD Power) and Sales & Marketing Director of Bentley, Stuart is a leading thinker and practitioner in the world of automotive consultancy.

Email: mccullough.s.j@btinternet.com

Retail consultancy

Lesley Marsh is one of the UK’s leading retail consultants. Former Marketing Director of Merry Hill Shopping Centre, she established her dynamic marketing communications agency, LMMC, in 2005, together with PR guru Selwyn Rowley.

See www.lmmc.co.uk or email Lesley at: lesley@lmmc.co.uk

Travel consultancy

Steven Boffey is a leading consultant in the travel industry. Former Marketing Director at Hoverspeed and the M6 Toll, he brings a wealth of practical experience to managing travel projects.

Email: steven.boffey@btinternet.com

Public relations

If you are after a heavy hitter, Towcester based Crispin Slee is the man.

See www.stickofrock.com or email: crispin.slee@stickofrock.com


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